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Join the Community Health Council

The Community Health Council (CHC) is an advisory council for the Southern District Health Board and WellSouth Primary Health Network (hospital and community health services including GPs) and has enabled a stronger patient voice to be heard across the Southern district. The CHC was established in February 2017.

*There are a number of vacancies on the CHC both geographically and by health area which will advertised and appointed in the next month.

The Community Health Council’s role is to:

  • Ensure and enable communities, whānau and patient participation across the Southern district and national health systems. 

  • Identify and advise on health systems and services for communities, whānau and patients, including input into the development of health service priorities and strategies. 

  • Ensure reports, developments and initiatives relating to health services have appropriately engaged, or been developed with, communities, whānau and patients. 

  • Ensure regular communication and networking with the communities, whānau and patient groups. 

  • Link up with special interest groups as required, for specific issues and problem solving.

Since their inception, CHC members have been assisting with requests from services for community, whānau and patient advisors, however this is not sustainable, hence the roadmap was developed. The roadmap has been based on guiding engagement principles that were consulted on with communities across the district.

Community health council framework
Community health council roadmap

To find out more about the Community Health Council, it's members, messages and current projects please visit: